5 February 2018

Hi again my friends. Was out for a run again today, it was different today as it started with me falling down on the icy road, and then it happened again after about 2 km's. The hurt and damages was limited although my right knee is quite blue. Will see what my body thinks about it tomorrow and decided then but if it's okay I'll run tomorrow again. I have a lot of running in my body now, not so pleased the roads aren't up to it though.....
6 km's in 38,5 minutes all the same, had one break up to a railway stop of 2 minutes so it could have been better. Room for improvement. is thinking about running 10km's this weekend to see what my body is up to. Will get back to y'all about that.


Grateful that I have the tenacity and discipline to go out running even if I don't feel like it. But I always thank myself when I do.

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