28 January 2018

Today I premiered my new running shoes! At first when I woke up I didn't think it was good weather enough for a run but around 11 it was clear and I could even see glimpses of sun shine through. So I put on my running clothes and my new shoes and ran, obviously since the last time I ran was 4th of December I'm a tad rusty. But my run of 2,39 km in 14:18 showed me a couple of things. First that I have the stride in my legs. Secondly that I still love running, and third that the new shoes is awesome, of course the need to adjust to my foot but man what a difference they made.

The cleaning I had scheduled for today was postponed until tomorrow instead.


I'm grateful that I found running as an exercise, and even more grateful that I love running! It has made a huge impact on many aspects of my life.

17:18 Map