27 January 2018

Slept really well last night and felt recuperated when I was woken up at 6:30 by my hungry cat Esther.
Some mornings she wakes me up and has eaten all the food during the night, but luckily that doesn't
happen always, just now and then. I also went grocery shopping today and filled up my supplies a bit
as it had started to echo emptily. No test of my new running shoes today as other matters had to be

"For a change to happen you have to be a part of that change"

This might be a good mantra for me the first part of this year, I have already done a lot of changes to
happen and before this year end I will have done even more. I believe that if you et your mind to
something you can do it, maybe not right away but in time. Some skills and/or tools might have
to be required/acquired to be able to do it but there's no limit to what we can do,
if we believe we can do it.

Gratitude for today:
I'm grateful that I can change and be a part of changes, and even be the change sometimes!