26 January 2018

Today has been an awesome day as I went to the biggest shopping mall (Mall of Scandinavia) here in the Stockholm area to meet up with my granddaughter, my daughter, and her mother. I was going to pick out my Christmas gift that they were going to buy me. New running shoes!
My old ones have started to fall apart and since my financial situation is... Well, let's say it's tight to the point I can't buy me new ones. And being in training for next years marathon which will be my first, I need good shoes to train in. At the store (Stadium) we got help from the best shop assistant I have ever met. He helped me to understand what kind of shoe I was looking for and how the anatomy of the foot was acting. So, in the end, it came down to four pairs of shoes, two from Asics and two from Nike. Did running in all of them and then it was two pair, so did some more running and all of us agreed that the pair from Nike was the ones that worked the best. So they were the ones chosen. You can see them in the photo under the text here. After that we all went together and eat at one of the many restaurants there, it was so nice spending time with all of them.

My gratitude:
To have such an awesome family that helps when help is needed is such a blessing!

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