25 January 2018

Today was laundry day so that was the first thing on my agenda today, second thing was to go through the garbage and recycle the items that could be recycled. After going through it I had one bag with glass, paper package material and some food leftovers to compost. Here in Sweden, we have a high recycling percentage, I think we are closing in on 98% or more. So I try to do my best to do my bit of that as well. My waste is about one bag a week and once a month I take out the paper and paper packages, and if there's any glass to recycle. There's very little plastic waste that I produce and mist if that is not recyclable so it hies to be burnt. No landfills here, we produce heat to warm our homes instead.

I have also done my step goal and will before I take my shower thus evening box a little.


Grateful to be part if sustainable solution as far as it's possible.

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