22 January 2018

A new week and my day have been filled with recovery and nostalgia. Recovery as I had a bad sleep last night, I have that from time to time. Hopefully, it was something temporally and I will sleep well tonight. The nostalgia part is the memory of my mother who would have been 91 today if she had lived. It's almost 7 years now since she died from myeloma, a kind of leukemia. I miss her and our telephone conversations, we talked every evening. And I tried to visit her at least once a month. We didn't always have an easy relationship mom and me but her last years after dad died we got closer.

So, I didn't reach my step goal today but sometimes its good to rest up too.


I'm grateful for having the parents I had and what they gave me, some of it I have taken to the next generation, my daughters.

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