21 January 2018

Today was a good day in my life, got my step goal done although it was frosty (-13 degrees) outside, and that well before lunch. My physical limitations caused some problems but I worked through them. I also did my third crockpot cooking, this time a nice piece of beef together with vegetables and three kinds of onions. The meat got very tender and juicy, but there's rooms for improvements. Look at http://chefsporring.postach.io for recipe tomorrow.

I also had a lovely 'Fika' with my friend Jeannette that I haven't met irl since 2013. We had a good time chatting and laughing, and we'll do it soon again for sure and it will not take years this time! I also greeted the owner of the coffee place, she is also a good friend to me!

I'm grateful for my friends as they're the kind you will not loose, they're the kind that grows with time!

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