20 January 2018

Today was yet another beautiful sunny day, so I went out for a walk two times today. My step goal was almost reached before lunch, and in the afternoon I ended up at +15k steps! I also went by the library today again as I forgot to borrow the past issues of Foreign Affairs yesterday. Was lucky to met one of my former colleagues there and chat a bit.

Today I also did som cooking, I have decided to cook at least 3 days a week now for a while and see how it turns out for me. Today i revamped my recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese, instead of broth cubes I used some of the broth from my crockpot cooking the other day. Gave it a totally new and richer flavor. Recipe on my ChefSporring blog later on.

Today's Gratitude:

I'm grateful that I was taught how to cook in my teenage years and that I still can imagine taste combinations to create new and tasty dishes.

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