12 February 2018

After a really good nights sleep I woke up full of energy, but with a slight achy feeling in my hips. After being up a while I had my body going again. I also had a good and long phone call with my daughter, I always love talking with her and enjoy her opinions and thoughts. She has grown up to be a very amazing person, and yes, I'm a proud father!

The weather today didn't exactly invite to any outdoor activities, but since I have decided to not give in to my feelings I just went ahead and made a run today again. Making it my 10th day in a row running. I'm actually very proud of my accomplishment so far, and I intend to keep the pace up. Another 5 km in 30 minutes, seems like my pace is 6 minutes per kilometer is my average speed now. Room for improvement in my humble opinion.


I'm grateful for my daughter and my relationship with her and her family.

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