11-12 March 2018

Yesterday was my recycling day, i try to be as environmental friendly as I can be and I know how important that is. One thing i have started to do is I clean all my glass jars before recycling them. Another thing I do is I no longer use plastic bags for my trash, I use another type of bags made of some kind of sugar waste that degrades naturally and in a short time become water, or something that is natural and can be used in the soil. However most of my trash isn't recyclable so it goes to the furnace and become hot water that heats the apartments and houses here in my city.

I try to give myself various tasks to fill my day, so when the evening comes I know my day hasn't been wasted, no rather been used for useful, if minor, tasks that needed to be done.
Today I have besides been down to the library and talked to my former workmates there, took a long walk of +12k steps.

Life is filled with surprises, some good and som bad but they are all a part of your life so be happy for your good surprises and use them to fill the bad ones so they don't get so damaging.


Grateful for my life and the surprises it has given me so far, some of the bad ones has in the end actually been good for me.

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