10 February 2018

So this Saturday is coming to an end too soon, but first I will summarize my day. My run today was a good one, I run 5.1km in 30:14 made it 6 minutes/kilometer. It's also closing in on 8km/h so let's see what happens if I run 10kms tomorrow? That's my plan for tomorrow's running, and I'm determined to run 10 km under 60minutes before the end of the month. My best time on 10 km is under 55 minutes. And I'll like to think I still have it in me somewhere....

The rest of the day was just lounging, reading or listening to blinks.

Grateful I have my cat Esther she keeps giving both love and funny moments, today she hunted a small ball I have with such joy and intensity that I haven't seen her have before.

17:35 Map